Computer Science

My major is computer science. Computer science is the study of the principles and use of computer science. The reason why I choose computer science as my major is that computer science is very broad field. According to the New York Time, many students want to have computer science major because the expansion and advancement of networking and information technology are the most important drivers of economic competitiveness and other industries. Also, the most interesting things about this article was that without growth of computer science department, energy, health care, education, and national security or other crucial areas will be not achievable.

I am pretty sure most of university majors and studies are hard and challenge. In my opinion, computer science is one of the hardest majors because it asks you to contain mathematic and technical skills. However, according to the article, Dice News, there are five things to remember. For example, people need to know about themselves, which means they need to know whether working as a solo or as a team. Also, they need to select a sustainable career, acquire marketable skills, get hands-on experience, and preserve.

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